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17371781335_2042cf93a9_oAn annual competition for undergraduate students around the world to pitch plans for for-profit enterprises that impact society in meaningful ways.  Students selected get the chance to participate in this prestigious two-day competition for undergraduate college students from around the world, presented by the Neeley School of Business at TCU.


This year’s two-day prestigious competition will take place April 21-22nd, 2017

Selection is through a competitive process.  There is no guarantee an Iowa State team will be selected to represent at TCU every year.  If interested, please contact Diana Wright at    

Grand Prize $25,000

Second Place $15,000

Third Place $10,000

Founders Award $5,000

Honorable Mentions (6) $2,500

Elevator Pitch 1st Place $1,000

Elevator Pitch 2nd Place $500

Elevator Pitch 3rd Place $250


Checkout their website to learn more,