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The ISU Pappajohn Center offers a unique resource called the E-Network. E-Network is an e-mail communications tool that connects ISU students and faculty who teach entrepreneurial courses. Tap into the E-Network to keep abreast of programs, classes, club meetings, internships, job openings, and entrepreneurship events at Iowa State University.

You can sign up for the E-Network if you are a member of this site.

If you already have a user account, simply log in, then select "Edit My Profile" from the top menu and check the box labeled "E-Network" at the bottom.

If you do not have a user account, you can create one by going to "Member Sign In" at the menu box on the lower left of this screen. Select "Register Now" to set up a new user profile. While entering your information, check the box labeled "E-Network" at the bottom of the page.