A Creative Approach to Directly Support Women Entrepreneurs in Iowa

Women Who Create Boxes | 100% profits support women entrepreneurs in Iowa

The Iowa State Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship launches a creative approach to directly support women entrepreneurs in Iowa

In any normal year, the annual Women Who Create Week takes place every October with an event-driven week to bring together women entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators across the state of Iowa.  Amidst the pandemic, it is now even more important to celebrate and support women entrepreneurs and creators, as many women have had to adjust their work-life balance by hitting “pause” or permanently closing their businesses.

It has always been our desire at the Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship to build a community that supports women entrepreneurs in Iowa and beyond.  This year is no different. We are excited to share a way for Iowa to rally behind women entrepreneurs.  When the world sees the end of the pandemic, we want to see women continue to start something, take the lead, and be successful.

Here is our rally-cry to you + something worth talking about!

The best way to support women can be as simple as the power of your wallet.

Shop the Women Who Create Gift Boxes!


We launched two, specially-curated Women Who Create gift boxes that showcase products from nine women-owned businesses in Iowa.  The boxes are limited to the first 40 people to purchase!  Whether a gift to yourself or to your loved ones, these boxes of goodness not only will bring joy but create a lasting impact on women who create.

And there’s one more secret we are excited to share… For every box purchased, $100 will go towards establishing the new Women Who Create Scholarship for female entrepreneurial students at Iowa State!

Special thanks to the Ivy College of Business and Tom Swartwood & Terri Combs for the gifts to establish the awards.

All sales will be through our retail partner, Innovate 1858, a student-operated retail store located at the Student Innovation Center at Iowa State University.  Online purchases can be made through December 16 or when quantities run out (limited 40 per box set)!



Meet the Women Who Create Inside Each Box!

Each of the nine women selected to be part of the Women Who Create Boxes represents many paths, all inspired by living a creative life and making an impact in their communities.  Click on each image to learn more.  Don’t forget to purchase your gift box to directly support these nine women makers and entrepreneurs!

For questions or inquires, please contact Diana Wright at dkw@iastate.edu.