Start Something Side Hustle Series: Information Marketing

For the Expert-In-The-Making –  New to the world of information marketing as a business?  Think podcasts, e-books, paid newsletters, workshops, published books, and more!

#1 There are so many ways to get involved in information marketing. Pick your favorite (or a few)!

Information marketing ranges from courses and workshops to ebooks, blogs, podcasts, and so much more! Start by defining the space you’re an expert or an expert-in-the-making!

#2 Amazon and Etsy are your friends

Self-publish your book with Amazon Kindle Publishing Service and sell your courses or ebook on Etsy!

#3 Start a YouTube Channel

Here you can promote your paid content within a free YouTube video to give people an idea of the information you have to offer before buying.

#4 Understand your audience may be different on different platforms

Consumers who watch your YouTube videos may not be the same consumers purchasing your course on another platform.

#5 “Being an expert doesn’t mean you have to be the best in the world at something, you just need to be the best in the room.”

#6 Repurpose your content across platforms

Maximize the time you’re putting into creating content for social media. Repurpose content for YouTube to Instagram & vice versa. This is a great way to drive consumers to your other platforms to continue following your journey.