Start Something Side Hustle Series: Photography

More than just the gear and technology, train your eye for how to capture story, work with subjects, and create your own editing style.  Watch the full recording below!


The panel workshop featured four creative and talented photographers ranging in art and portraiture, wildlife and conservation, wedding and music, and the day in the life of a university photographer!

Here are the cliff notes:

1. Find a mentor who inspires you.

Work with photographers who you look up to. Work under them to learn their processes and expand your skills. Don’t be afraid to ask, most people are very willing to help.

2. Start with your passions. Shoot what you love, shoot what you know, and go from there.

3. If you have multiple niches, separate them using different social media handles.

4. Price your work to pay for expenses and your time.

When pricing your services, be sure costs are covered. Your costs include expenses (like space rental and equipment) and your time (so you can pay yourself). Don’t forget that your time has a worth!

5. Develop specific contracts when working with clients.

Don’t lose out on income by ignoring contracts. Be adamant about your usage fees (aka where your customers can use the image). Talk to a lawyer and other photographers in your space to help.

6. Shoot with authenticity and don’t project your viewpoints over your subject’s story.

There are layers to all of us. Remember a subject is not just a static thing to shoot at a moment in time. Present your idea or concept to your subject. Ask questions like: How are you feeling? What is the mood right now? What do you want to portray in your imagery?

7. It’s so easy to forever not start. Just do it!

Starting is the hardest part. Don’t be afraid to jump in, make mistakes, learn, and get better every day.