Start Something Side Hustle Series: Start Your Own Marketing Business

For the Creatives and Digital Natives – Learn how to develop and master the creative while understanding how to build a freelance or ‘company of one’ marketing business.

#1 Develop Your Brand Fully 

You should be able to identify why you’re starting your business, as well as your vision and the value you offer.

#2 Invest Time into Developing Your Business before Spending a Bunch of Money

#3 The Marketer Should Have Great Marketing

Invest in the marketing of yourself in your business. This means a website, social media, and graphics.

#4 You Don’t Have to Do It All Yourself- Build a Team

Subcontract graphic designers, copywriters, digital marketers, web developers, videographers, photographers, SEO specialists to add to your team.

#5 Find Your Niche Industry to Work With & Define Your Ideal Client

#6 Understand Market Trends Regarding Pricing to Price Your Services Accordingly

Ask what others charge as a starting point, even if you’re new to your skill.

#7 Communication is Key

When meeting with a client, ask as many questions as possible to best understand what is most important to them to accomplish.