Start Something Side Hustle Series: How to Sell on Etsy & Get Noticed

For the Artists, Crafters, and Makers –  Already established your craft?  This is your guide to selling on Etsy and what to consider once you get your first sale!

#1 Etsy has a low barrier for entry, go for it

Etsy can be a good fit for your business, but keep in mind you’ll pay 20¢ per listing, a 5% transaction fee, and payment processing fees. Be sure to read the seller policies before getting started!

#2 Get personal

Be sure to personalize your shop description, “about you”, featured items section, shop policies, logos, and location when you begin.

#3 Be mindful of the keywords you use when listing your items, be as specific as possible

List your products with a short & informative description and eye-catching photos! Include essential information at the top (size, dimensions, colors & ordering instructions) Speak in the first person to connect with visitors.

#4 Consider adding free shipping to prioritize your items in search

#5 Price your products to cover costs, show value, and pay yourself, but also be competitive compared to other shops