Start Something Side Hustle Series: Technical Freelance & Consulting

For the Engineers and Midnight Coders –  Learn how to talk tech and talk human in the technical consulting world (yes, there’s a lot of opportunities)!

#1 Develop your niche or specialty and consider doing freelance work free of charge to gain experience

#2 Set up your platform — develop your own website to showcase your skills

#3 Charge clients based on your experience

As you gain experience, your time and expertise is worth more. As you gain experience, your work is worth more. The time you spend crafting your skills adds value!

#4 “There’s no way to become confident in what you’re actually doing without just doing it a lot.” — Dillon Jensen

#5 Consider the lifetime value of your clients

Don’t price gouge a client when they’re desperate & jeopardize a long-term relationship with a valuable client.


Just because you’re able to do a project quickly doesn’t mean you should be paid a lower rate. Consider the value your work provides the customer when pricing.

#7 “Interview” clients to nail down a timeline for the project, a detailed summary of work, client deadlines, and set expectations

Work with people that are going to work with you. Develop a good relationship with clients. Work with clients that share mutual respect.

#8 Stay in touch with clients

Keep in touch with clients to update them on projects and stay transparent about any potential issues or changes to the project.