Start Something Side Hustle Series: Thrift Store Flipping to Drop Shipping

For the Savvy Shoppers and Trend Setters – It’s all about finding the treasures and taking it to the marketplace!  Discover the niche worlds of collectibles, fashion labels, and turning someone’s junk into treasure.

#1 When selecting items, consider the quality of the item, profit potential, current market price, and ease of shipping

#2 To find storage unit auctions, check online and in the public notice section of the newspaper

#3 When it comes to drop shipping, it’s important to find a good partnership with a wholesaler who has products that sell

#4 The key to happy customers when drop shipping is to keep your inventory in sync with your wholesaler’s inventory to avoid selling products that aren’t actually in stock

#5 Consider partnering with local businesses to sell their products for them

#6 Utilize multiple channel to sell your products

Don’t limit yourself to just one channel to sell your merchandise, consider selling on multiple channels such as eBay, Instagram, Amazon, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Mercari, or Decluttr.

#7 Be transparent with your customers

Be sure to include a disclaimer that your products are second-hand to avoid customer confusion or disappointment. Take pictures and describe any blemishes.

#8 Develop your brand fully

Create a trustworthy brand by taking the time to develop your brand and niche.