Meet the 2021 CYstarters Cohort

By Samantha Dilocker, ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship

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To date, CYstarters has helped 80 Iowa State University students and graduates start over 60 businesses since the program began in 2016.

The Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship is thrilled to introduce the 19 student entrepreneurs that make up the 14 new student-developed businesses that were selected to participate in CYstarters during summer 2021. The 11–week intensive program gives young entrepreneurs the time, funding, network of mentors, and skillset development to start something while in college.

Meet the 14 businesses selected for CYstarters

2021 CYstarters Cohort Graphic

MasterGrass – Zachariah Ritland & Logan Blom

MasterGrass provides quality mowing, fertilization, landscaping, and more to the Ames and Ankeny area. Currently, MasterGrass is developing a fully autonomous mower for large commercial properties. Logan Blom is a mechanical engineering major with one semester remaining at ISU, and Zachariah Ritland is a graduate of Iowa State, where he majored in agricultural business.

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Filtraponics – Isaac Bradford

Filtraponics teaches students of all ages sustainability by utilizing fish and plants to demonstrate the nitrogen cycle, food webs, and more with hands-on educational aquaponics. Isaac is going to be a sophomore in Agricultural Engineering.

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Renew Bamboo – Isaac Meyerholz & Cole Schumacher

Renew Bamboo is helping to promote a more sustainable lifestyle while empowering women entrepreneurs in India by providing handcrafted bamboo products to an international market. Cole is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and a master’s of business administration. Isaac is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s in supply chain management and business analytics.

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Pivot Entertainment Co. – Brynn Sweere

Pivot Entertainment Co. delivers professional entertainment to all of Central Iowa. Brynn is currently a graduate student pursuing a Master of Science in Event Management here at Iowa State University.

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STGMA – Kendra Boone

STGMA is a personal care company bringing awareness to the mental health issues that college students and young adults face by selling self-care kits and creating a supportive online community to help end the stigma surrounding mental health. Kendra is a rising sophomore studying entrepreneurship and marketing.

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Infinite Stories – Jackson Bishop

Infinite Stories is a platform for authors to connect, receive feedback, and gain exposure on their work in a centralized location. Jackson Bishop is currently a junior studying entrepreneurship.


Two Brothers Liqueurs – Brian Psculkowski

Two Brother Liqueurs aims to bring fine, high-quality liqueurs to the palates of drinkers everywhere. Our flagship products are Limoncello and Crema di Limoncello, both lemon-flavored Italian liqueurs created from a traditional family recipe. Brian is a junior in Supply Chain Management in the Ivy College of Business and has an extensive background in culinary arts as well as years of experience in the food and beverage industry.


Mentoring for Change – Mason Weh

Mason Weh is a social entrepreneur fighting for a change that starts from within. His mission is to build, educate, and inspire the next generation of youth to be the change they hope to see in the world. He works with industry and community leaders to provide young adults a chance to use their talents to create opportunities.

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JOSIVUALS is a photography company that aims to uplift and empower BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals. Working between film and digital work, Jo offers an inclusive and creative experience for all clients. Jo Allen is a recent graduate who studied journalism and minored in women’s and gender studies.

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Instrument Lights – Jacob Schmieder

Instrument Lights aims to bring a new aspect to performances that are looking to stick out in a crowd or add some flare. Jacob is a recent biochemistry graduate and is continuing his education in mechanical engineering.

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RecHelper LLC – Gabe Huinker

RecHelper is a web application designed to fill the gaps within recreation services. It is built to be flexible and work alongside the organization’s existing infrastructure so users can sign up and start using it without any hassle. Gabe is a recent graduate in software engineering.

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Core Living Compost – Carissa Moyna & Andrew Frank

Core Living Compost empowers apartment dwellers to reduce their waste footprint through indoor composting and food waste pickup. Carissa is a recent graduate in civil engineering with a concurrent MBA, and Andrew is a junior studying computer engineering.

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City City Bang Bang – Abraham Polonia-Suarez & Eric Diaz

City City Bang Bang helps cities address the lack of resident involvement in city planning so that we are able to collectively design the future of our cities. Eric Diaz and Abraham Polonia are both recent graduates in mechanical engineering and industrial design.


Farm Story Meats – Raymond Schmidt & Jessica Vlastaras

Farm Story’s goal is to bring its customers transparency to the locations, farms, and people that supply their food. Farm Story shares the stories of the farmers who raise the animals and strives to make the supply chain of farm to customer as short as possible. Raymond is in the professional MBA program, and Jessica is a senior in business management.

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