Over $35,000 in Cash Prizes Awarded to Students in the College-by-College Pitch Off and Finale

From February 10 – 21, over 80 students from each of Iowa State’s seven colleges pitched their new ideas or existing businesses for the chance to win up to $5,000. The top award winners (up to four from each college), two from the new idea category and two from the existing business category, were awarded $500 and $250, respectively, and advanced to the College-by-College Pitch Off Finale on February 22, 2022.

College of Human Sciences Winners:
Miranda Keith – Existing Business Runner Up, $250
Alyssa Brascia – 1st Place New Idea, $500
Brynn Sweere – Existing Business 1st Place, $500
Reevs Rudolph – Runner Up New Idea, $250
College of Veterinary Medicine Winners:
Justin Kirschner – 1st Place Existing Business, $500
Clara Young – Runner Up New Idea, $250
Jessica Meseck – 1st Place New Idea, $500
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Winners:
Charles Yang – 1st Place New Idea, $500
Azeez Idris – Runner Up New Idea (Not pictured), $250
Madeline Ladehoff – Runner Up Existing Business, $250
Jassma’ray Johnson – 1st Place Existing Business, $500
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Winners:
Calvin Carlson – Runner Up Existing Business, $250
Erin Gibson – Runner Up New Idea, $250
Cale Pellett – 1st Place New Idea, $500
Arilyn Tegtmeier-Oatman – 1st Place Existing Business, $500
College of Design Winners:
Chloe Grote – 1st Place New Idea, $500
Emily Goergen – Runner Up New Idea, $250
Julio Delgadillo – 1st Place Existing Business, $500
Collin Clough – Runner Up Existing Business, $250
College of Engineering Winners:
William Ball – Runner Up New Idea, $250
Noah Schumacher – Runner Up Existing Business, $250
Chidinma Kalu – 1st Place New Idea, $500
Tyler Heintz – 1st Place Existing Business, $500
College of Business Winners:
Liliann Hatting – Runner Up New Idea, $250
Joel Houge – 1st Place New Idea, $500
Collin Gauck & Jacob Kautman – 1st Place Existing Business, $500
Sam Blythe – Runner Up Existing Business (Not pictured), $250

College-by-College Pitch Off Finale Winners:
Jessica Meseck – 3rd Place New Idea, $1,500
Arilyn Tegtmeier-Oatman – Honorable Mention, $1,000
Chloe Grote – Honorable Mention, $1,000
Alyssa Brascia – 1st Place New Idea, $5,000
Jassma’ray Johnson – 1st Place Existing Business, $5,000
Justin Kirschner – Honorable Mention, $1,000
Joel Houge – Honorable Mention, $1,000
Sam Blythe – Honorable Mention, $1,000
Brynn Sweere – Best Presentation, $2,000
Miranda Keith – 3rd Place Existing Business, $1,500
Tyler Heintz – 2nd Place Existing Business, $2,500
Charles Yang (Not pictured) – 2nd Place New Idea, $2,500

Twenty-seven students participated in the Pitch Off Finale and did such an incredible job that the judges elected to award eight additional prizes. Over $35,000 in prizes were awarded to students during the multi-day competition. Huge thanks to our sponsors, President Wendy Wintersteen, the Ivy College of Business, College of Engineering, and Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship for supporting student entrepreneurs in their endeavors.