Start Something Entrepreneurs Toolkit Series | I Need Help: Building An A-Team

Need someone who has your back? Or five? Let’s chat about outsourcing work, building co-founder agreements, and managing human resources.

We collected a few cliff notes from our “I Need Help: Building an A-Team” session just in case you couldn’t make it, but we’ve linked the recording below for your viewing pleasure as well.

  1. Ways to grow your team include adding a co-founder, intern, part-time, full-time or seasonal employees, hiring a freelancer or virtual assistant. 
  2. You should consider hiring or outsourcing if: 
    1. There are tasks that you don’t enjoy and regularly put off  
    2. There are tasks that take you a long time to complete because you don’t have expertise  
    3. There are areas of your business that are not your strengths  
    4. You’ve reached capacity and have to turn away business  
    5. You need a specific skillset  
    6. You spend all your time working in your business instead of on your business 
  3. Before posting a job listing, consider how much time you’re spending on the tasks you’d assign to an additional person. Write out all of the steps a task takes to complete to set a fair expectation for how much they will be able to complete. 
  4. Share your job listing  
    1. On your company social media channels  
    2. On your company website  
    3. On your LinkedIn page  
    4. With your network  
    5. With your email list/supporters 
    6. Share with current employees  
    7. CyHire 
    8. Clay & Milk (For Iowa startups)