Start Something Entrepreneurs Toolkit Series | Get ‘Er Done: Prioritization & Time Management

There are enough hours in the day. Let’s figure out how to leverage them.

We collected a few cliff notes from our “Get ‘Er Done: Prioritization & Time Management” session just in case you couldn’t make it, but we’ve linked the recording below for your viewing pleasure as well.

  1. Complete your most important tasks first. 
  2. Close unnecessary tabs, turn off the background noise, and enable Do Not Disturb. 
  3. If you don’t decide what your time will be filled with, it will fill itself.  
  4. Pick a list app (Asana, Apple Reminders/Notes, Trello, Monday, etc) and stick to it. No more sticky notes and random notebooks! 
  5. The types lists you need include:
    1. Projects (>30 min)
    2. Tasks (<30 min)
    3. Weekly To Do List
    4. Backburner
    5. Recurring


How to Time Block 

  1. Estimate how long each item on your Weekly To Do List will take 
  2. Time block your lunch breaks and anything personal that would affect business work time 
  3. Create time blocks on a digital calendar for each item 
  4. If anything doesn’t fit into the hours you’ve allotted, decide if you need to add more work hours or delay something to next week 


Time Blocking Pro Tips 

  1. Always estimate more time than you think you’ll need to complete a task 
  2. Don’t schedule every single minute, allow for travel and transition time 
  3. Time block and limit your email and social media time 
  4. Don’t always wait for creativity to “flow” — just start