CyBIZ Lab Partner Spotlight: CRINC Inc.


Doug Webb, President of CRINC Inc.

Meet Doug Webb, president of CRINC, a transportation and logistics company that has been supporting beverage distributors in the state of Iowa for over 30 years. For the last eight years, CRINC has partnered with CyBIZ Lab, an Iowa State University student consulting program, to identify solutions to industry challenges and provide an external perspective on company projects.

CRINC has collaborated with CyBIZ Lab on four projects in a variety of realms, from logistics and financial modeling to distribution strategy and business planning. This alliance has proven highly beneficial for both CRINC and participating students, who bring exceptional insights and strategies to the table.

The findings and methodologies provided to CRINC in the final project reports compiled by the students aren’t simply pieces of advice but actual tools that CRINC can utilize for improvement. The students have provided the company with tangible benchmarks against which they can compare their financial results, leading to more informed decision-making by leaders within the company.

“What I liked most about working with CyBIZ Lab was the energy of the students and the specific modeling of each project based upon the different educational backgrounds of each student. The approach of working with a team that is separate from the daily operations of our business brought many different and beneficial views to the problem at hand,” said Doug.

When asked if he would recommend CyBIZ Lab student consulting teams to other businesses, Doug responds with a resounding “Yes, highly.” Thanks to companies like CRINC, as CyBIZ Lab prepares to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, the team is confident in the benefit of collaborations and partnerships between students and real-world companies. Doug’s positive feedback is a testament to the quality work partners can expect to receive from CyBIZ Lab student consulting teams. The program continues to grow, and the future of CyBIZ Lab is bright!

By: Lindsey Murray