Parametric Studio Inc. Awarded a Competitive Phase II SBIR Grant

Parametric Studio Inc. Awarded a Competitive Phase II SBIR Grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop Game-based STEM Project-based Learning Tools for High School and Undergraduate Students

Parametric Studio LogoAmes, IA, 10/11/2023 — Parametric Studio is on a mission to bring real-world STEM projects, tools, and career-oriented experiences to high school and undergraduate students everywhere with CURIE — a gamified STEM learning tool designed to engage and inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.  The National Institutes of Health awarded $1.2 million to the company to develop CURIE, which will make it easier to implement rich, complex, and multidisciplinary projects in traditional classrooms through a combination of hands-on learning, crowdsourcing, software tools, gaming, and team building. The company is targeting two customer segments for commercialization: high school and college classrooms.

With CURIE, high school students will have the ability to collaborate in teams on numerous types of STEM projects like creating a greenhouse to be sold to other schools, building a portable wind energy system, and customizing a 3-D printed prosthetic for end user. Using game-based design, project collaboration tools, and a crowdsourcing approach, individual classrooms can contribute to right-sized pieces of these and other projects with a STEM workforce focus. CURIE will challenge students to find solutions to real-world STEM problems. The goal is to increase early exposure to STEM fields and give more students exposure to STEM careers and experiences. Every year, there are more STEM-related job openings and fewer professionals to fill them. We need to bring more students and students with more diverse interests and backgrounds into STEM to solve this challenge, this is Parametric’s goal with CURIE.

“Learning by doing and creating solutions to real problems that are complex and need diverse teams is one of the best approaches to teaching STEM ideas, motivating students, and connecting ideas to a future job or career.  We want to help students learn how to create solutions to real needs in their communities. My experience is that any child can be interested and capable in STEM. With this project, we hope to make STEM learning more connected to the real world and, at the same time, making it easier to implement in a traditional classroom. CURIE will also be compatible with current and future STEM kits for students, greatly enhancing the hands-on learning experience.  We want all educators to have the tools they need to put all students in the shoes of a scientist, designer, engineer, or medical professional,” says founder and CTO of Parametric Studio, Christopher Whitmer.


Founded in 2016, Parametric Studio Inc. is an Ed-Tech company based in Ames, IA. We specialize in engineering-centric and project-based STEM software, maker kits, and curricula for K-12. Our team of engineers, educators, artists, gamers, and makers believe in the importance of STEM education. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and educate the next generation of STEM leaders. Parametric Studio combines real tools with approachable interfaces, gamification, educational content, and hands-on prototyping to create novel STEM solutions — inside and outside of the classroom.