Since its inception in 2016, CYstarters has helped over 141 students and graduates kickstart 111 businesses, with an impressive 70% of these ventures still thriving today.

The Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship is excited to introduce the members of CYstarters cohort 9! The newest cohort is made up of 16 talented student entrepreneurs from diverse academic backgrounds across all six undergraduate colleges. Selected from a pool of aspiring entrepreneurs, these individuals will spend the next 11 weeks receiving mentorship, funding, and extensive resources to bring their entrepreneurial ventures to life.

Save the date for CYstarters Demo Day on Tuesday, July 30, where each venture will showcase the progress they have made over the summer. Held at the ISU Research Park Core Facility, Demo Day is free and open to the public.

Congratulations to cohort 9, and welcome to the CYstarters community!

SockzUp | Chloe Mettenbrink

SockzUp is an innovative assistive tool designed to aid individuals with fine motor skill limitations in putting on and removing socks. Developed with a focus on durability and user experience, our device aims to alleviate frustration and irritation while promoting independence and accessibility. Ideal for occupational therapy use, it empowers users by enhancing their ability to perform daily tasks with ease and confidence. Our mission is to revolutionize accessibility and improve quality of life for those with health conditions. Experience the difference our sock-assisting tool can make in fostering independence and enhancing well-being.

Belle Brand Artistry | Shayla Timm

Belle Brand Artistry offers digital photography services for seniors, weddings, families, events, and other portrait needs. Belle Brand was created in June of 2022 out of my passion to positively impact others using my artistic talents. At Belle Brand, I capture the authentic liveliness of important milestones and events in others’ lives through vibrant photographs.

TagLink | Jonathan Duron

TagLink is a cutting-edge phone application that leverages NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to seamlessly store and retrieve data, offering users a convenient and efficient way to manage and access information on the go.

Morbid Living | Andrew Walton

Morbid Living is a PG13, dark humor card game in which players try to win at life by performing illegal activities. Think “The Game of Life” mixed with “Cards Against Humanity.” The objective of the game is to collect a job, house, vehicle, and one million dollars.

VickSum Pay | Kaden Bowie

Vicksum Pay is an independent payment processing company that consists of independence sales agents who rely on needs-based selling to help their target market of local businesses. Vicksum Pay operates by partnering with other payment processing companies and selling their products for financial gain.

Helix | Alana Corwin 

Helix is a comprehensive tool inspired by the psychological structure of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This is a two-part product where mental health care is integrated into a daily workbook, planner, and journal that is separately supported with an app. Helix is a non-profit organization with a mission to develop products and services that educate and guide individuals on the path of personal growth, while positively impacting as many people as we can.

Frozen Gains | Zane Lenz and Grant Veenstra

Frozen Gains is a nutrient-rich ice cream designed to be a delicious alternative to protein shakes and make healthy weight gain easier for all. Whether you are a bodybuilder, college athlete, or a malnourished individual, Frozen Gains was designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy life.

Joyful Melodies | Ellie Lashier

Joyful Melodies is an innovative piano method designed to foster imaginative music-making for children ages 3-7. This system will be designed through collaboration with pedagogical experts and is centered around fostering children’s technical ability and expression. Students will experience joy and connection while also building a strong foundation for future music making in any environment.

Bustle Row | Dani Rothman

Bustle Row aims to design more inclusive and sustainable bridalwear. This means modular looks that can accompany all brides’ shapes, that are made ethically from renewable fibers, and sold in a shop that pays living wages with benefits. It’s time to move past single-use, polyester wedding gowns and embrace beautiful designs that continue to be a treasured, meaningful part of a wardrobe for years after the wedding day.

Impulse AI LLC | Samuel Gentz and Jacob Schulmeister

At Impulse AI LLC, we are dedicated to crafting the future, one automation at a time. With innovation at our core, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology to shape a brighter tomorrow.

SongBird Music Decor | Spenser Leise 

SongBird Music Decor is an innovative home decor company, providing highly customizable products for music listeners. SongBird currently offers posters inspired by songs, albums, and occasions. With every poster, the customer can add their own flair at no additional cost. With a growing collection of designs and fully customizable options, SongBird has something for everyone who enjoys music.

Z Creative Hub by Zalasky Design | Tate Zalasky

Zalasky Design is a business that provides creative services to record labels and artists. Z Creative Hub will be an upscaled model of the current business, eventually becoming a design firm and online marketplace. The website and app are unique in that the UI is visually engaging with customizable profiles, leaderboards, a shop, and more. Z Creative Hub will be a gamified marketplace, subsequently reaching a wider audience with far more engagement, making a home for all artists.

nutrl. | Kai Huntoon

At nutrl., we champion a revolutionary approach to fashion that transcends traditional gender norms. Our mission is to create a space where individuals of any gender identity can express themselves freely and comfortably through clothing without the constraints of societal expectations. We believe that fashion should reflect one’s unique identity, untethered by rigid gender roles.

YOU | Ella Schulte

When it comes to personalized content, why not have it all? Rooted in representation, empowerment, and education, YOU changes with you as opposed to persuading you to fit into society’s mold. The personalized, digital publication allows subscribers to read about and watch a variety of custom content. This selection includes everything from fashion and cooking to one’s favorite causes, charities, and products. Here at YOU, we pair one’s unique individuality and interests with our hope to spread positivity, light, and love.