Three Startup Factory Alumni Companies Awarded Funds Through the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA)

AMES, Iowa – On Friday, May 17, three Startup Factory alumni companies were awarded funds through the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA)! The award recipients are as follows:

Bovi-Jet, (Startup Factory Cohort 14), based in Granger, makes devices for cattle producers to aid in animal health, according to the announcement. The product aims to reduce the time and manual labor required to treat livestock throughout their lifetime by using sensors to detect the movement of cattle and pour a stream of medicine along the animals’ backs with a farmer’s existing chute system. The company was awarded a $50,000 POCR (Proof of Commercial Relevance) loan for IP development and evaluation, proof of concept work, product refinement, key personnel and equipment, and market planning and entry activities.

Tractor Zoom (SUF Cohort 3), located in West Des Moines, offers online solutions for the farm equipment and heavy machinery market. Its primary platform,, streamlines the process for buyers to find, value, and finance equipment. Its cloud-based business-to-business platforms, Tractor Zoom Pro and Anvil Pro, help value, manage, and sell equipment assets. The company received a $1 million Innovation Acceleration Expansion Fund loan for key personnel.

Gross-Wen Technologies (SUF Cohort 1), headquartered in Slater, provides a patented algae biofilm treatment system under the RAB brand. The technology enables the effective and sustainable use of algae to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. It can also be used with clean water to grow valuable algae for various uses that include fertilizers, bioplastics, and biofuels. The company was awarded a $500,000 Innovation Acceleration Propel Fund loan for key personnel and equipment.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) aims to enhance economic and community vitality by fostering partnerships and utilizing resources to position Iowa as the preferred location for both people and businesses. Through its two primary divisions – business development and community development – IEDA manages various state and federal programs to support individuals, communities, and businesses. IEDA is committed to achieving its mission and goals to benefit Iowans while ensuring a high level of transparency.

Congratulations to Bovi-Jet, Tractor Zoom, and Gross-Wen Technologies!