College-by-College Pitch Off

College-by-College Pitch Off

7 Great Colleges | 28 Cash Prizes | $25,000+

The College-by-College Pitch Off is back! The event takes place in all seven colleges at Iowa State University. Students will have the chance to deliver a 90-second pitch about an idea or business they are working on to a panel of judges and can win cash prizes! In addition to a cash prize, the top four winners in each college pitch-off will advance to the College-by-College Pitch Off Finale on February 23, 2023

All of the College Pitch Offs will take place at the Student Innovation Center, Room 3231.



Students will compete in one of two categories, new idea or existing business, and are allowed 90 seconds to pitch your concept. A timer will be available to let you know how much time remains as you present. A bell will ring at 90 seconds, and you will be asked to stop presenting – even if you have not finished your pitch. PowerPoints are NOT allowed. However, if you have a prototype or drawing you wish to share, those items will be allowed. Handouts or business cards for judges are acceptable (bring four).


New Idea – concepts are in the idea stage – no revenue or products.

Existing Business Idea – concepts are beyond the idea stage – with revenue, demonstrable traction, working prototypes, customers, leads, or products.

College-by-College Pitch Off Finale – $15,000+ in Cash Prizes

  • 1st Place Winner = $5,000 for each category (new idea and existing business)
  • 2nd Place Winner = $1,000 for each category (new idea and existing business)
  • Other sponsored prizes at the discretion of judges