Entrepreneurship & Innovation Learning Community


Each student in the Entrepreneurship Learning Community will be matched to a mentor from the business and professional community. Students will have the opportunity to meet a mentor who has experience in the student’s major or field – or may simply have experience in an area that matches the student’s personal interests. Students learn to become comfortable interacting with members of the business community.

The community holds regular networking events where students and mentors can interact and make connections. Students will leave Iowa State with an invaluable list of contacts and resources that will be beneficial for any career path.

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“These once in a lifetime experiences are unique and worthwhile. Not everyone gets the chance to learn from those who have been in the shoes that you yourself want to fill. I am glad that I had the wonderful opportunity of talking to my mentor. I have learned a great deal from him and hope to use sommentors-6e of his great advice and his experiences to determine where I want to go in my career.”

“The potential of this experience can be exponentially helpful to me if I take full advantage of this and act as a sponge to gain as much information as possible. Hopefully as my mentor and I move farther along with our business relationship I will attain many helpful contacts so that I will be able to start off my professional career on the right foot.”