Upcoming Events

1 Million Cups Ames – Signal Poetry Festival

Date & Time Wednesday, July 24 7:30am
Location American Legion Family of Ames, IA Post 37 225 Main St, Ames, Iowa 50010
Contact Gracen Kostelecky, gracenk@iastate.edu

The Signal Poetry Festival will be presenting this week at 1 Million Cups Ames at the American Legion Family of Ames, IA Post 37. Come at 7:30 a.m. for networking followed by an energizing presentation and Q&A session from Crystal Stone, the co-director for the Signal Poetry Festival in Ames.

American Legion Family of Ames, IA Post 37
225 Main Street, Ames, Iowa 50010

Startup Ames is excited to bring 1 Million Cups to Ames, Iowa. Based on the notion that entrepreneurs discover solutions and engage with their communities over a million cups of coffee, the Kauffman Foundation started 1 Million Cups —a free program designed to educate, engage and inspire entrepreneurs around the country. Through the power of volunteers, 1 Million Cups has grown to more than 180 communities.

Interested in presenting in the future? Email Diana Wright at dkw@iastate.edu.