Upcoming Events

First Shot featuring Inland Sea

Date & Time Thursday, September 1 7:30am
Location ISU Economic Development Core Facitliy, 1805 Collaboration Place, Ames, Iowa 50010
Contact Diana Wright, dkw@iastate.edu

Join us on September 1st at 7:30 AM for First Shot featuring Inland Sea.

First Shot will give a local company or entrepreneur a chance to pitch their company to the Ames Community.  The community will then get the chance to ask questions, give tips and really dive into what each business is all about.

Join us on the First and Third Thursday’s at First Shot!  

When: Doors Open at 7:30 AM for free coffee and conversation;
Presentation begins at 8 AM.

About Inland Sea

Jackson Kimle is the founder of Inland Sea, which he is currently planning and raising capital for a state-of-the-art, recirculating aquaculture system facility located in Harlan, Iowa.  This facility will be modeled after Danish technology that is already up in running in Denmark.  Inland Sea is looking to produce 5 million pounds of salmon annually.
For the long-term, Inland Sea will help groups of investors in areas around Iowa build salmon production facilities by helping engineer, manage, and market salmon.

Help accelerate Jackson and don’t miss out on hearing his pitch at the next First Shot on Thursday, September 1st!