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Iowa G2M Joint Development Agreements 101 Panel

Date & Time Thursday, August 18 2:00pm-4:00pm
Location ISU Research Park Building #4 // 2711 S. Loop Drive, Ames, IA
Contact Julie Lelonek, jlelonek@iastate.edu

What are the key issues and considerations for entering into, negotiating, and executing a Joint Development Agreement?

Join us at ISU Research Park Building #4 on Thursday, August 18 from 2-4 p.m. to find out!

Joint Development Agreements (JDAs) set the terms/conditions for parties to work together/collaborate to develop a particular product or technology. This program will provide early-stage companies with an overview of JDAs, when or why a JDA may be needed for a startup, how they are negotiated/entered into, how to protect IP, how costs are shared, and what are some pros/cons with JDAs. Panelists Dan Cosgrove (Growers Edge), Jason Stone (Dentons Law Firm), and Steve Smith (Bioconnect Iowa) will also provide personnel perspectives based on previous real-world experiences.

This will be a one-hour formal program, followed by audience Q&A and 1:1 meetings with panelists. Members of Iowa’s startup ecosystem are welcome and encouraged to join!