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Iowa State Fair Pitch Competition

ISU Fair 2019 Wordmark
Date & Time Thursday, August 8 - Saturday, August 17 12:00am
Location Varied Industries Building, Iowa State Fairgrounds
Contact Gracen Kostelecky, gracenk@iastate.edu

Iowa State University’s exhibit at this year’s Iowa State Fair will be the Great Iowa State 2019 Standing Innovation Pitch Off. Individuals and teams of current students and recent graduates will pitch ideas for innovative products, services and civic/social/community projects; you’re invited to attend and vote for your favorites to help them advance to the semifinals on August 16 and 17! Two people/teams will pitch twice each hour between 9:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Audience members will determine the winning pitches (seven total for the day), which will move on and compete again for prizes totaling $20,000 (six $2,500 awards and one $5,000 grand prize).


See live results here: https://www.pitchresults.com/