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ISU Entrepreneur Club Meeting: Sawmill Hollow Family Farms

Date & Time Wednesday, November 9 5:00pm
Location ISU Memorial Union, Room 3512
Contact Nolan Herlocker, nolanh12@iastate.edu

Join the ISU Entrepreneur Club with the founder of Sawmill Hollow Family Farms, Andrew Pittz on Wednesday, November 9th from 5:00-6:00pm! 

About Sawmill Hollow Farms

Located in Missouri Valley, Iowa, Sawmill Hollow is a local family farm that grows organic aronia berries external site. The organic berry operation is a unique, sixth generation family farm run by Vaughn and Cindy Pittz and their son, Andrew. The Pittz family first planted 207 aronia berry bushes in 1997 and have since expanded the farm to 26 acres and more than 13,000 plants. It is also, according to Iowa State University, the first aronia berry farm in the country. Seeing the health and environmental benefits of the plant, the Pittz Family set out to reintroduce the native aronia berry commercially to the United States.

Sawmill Hollow’s goal is to democratize this native superfruit. By helping farmers start their own aronia berry plots, the farm sees itself as a facilitator of healthy, ecologically sound living. In addition to being a high antioxidant fruit according to USDA studies, the aronia berry’s perennial nature preserves nutrient-rich soil from erosion. As a mission, Sawmill Hollow hopes commercial aronia berry sales will help to diversify crops grown on Iowan soil.

Sawmill Hollow Farms is available in many various grocery chains, such as Hyvee and Whole Foods Market.