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Date & Time Friday, March 31 - Saturday, April 1 5:00pm
Location ISU Economic Development Core Facitliy, 1805 Collaboration Place, Ames, Iowa 50010
Contact Diana Wright, dkw@iastate.edu

One Weekend, 2 Bold Challenges, An Abundance of Rewards

Friday, March 31 – Saturday, April 1

The ISU INNOVATION PRIZE™ is a new incentive competition at Iowa State University on the weekend of March 31 – April 1.  The ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship and Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative are co-hosting the event.  It will be held at the ISU Economic Development Core Facility in ISU Research Park.  Address: 1805 Collaboration Place, Ames, Iowa, 50010.

The competition theme for this inaugural event is Innovation at Iowa StateThere will be two focus areas for participants to solve:

  • AgTech:  How do we increase productivity of the global agricultural system with less negative impact on land, energy, water, and Mother Earth?

    • Possible focuses: Food Security; Food Waste; Water Quality & Availability; Sustainable Agricultural; Renewable Energy in Wind, Solar, Hydropower; Energy Crops; Carbon Sequestration; New Public Policy; and Private Investment Options.


  • EdTech: How do we design & reinvent learning for a better experience (quality & value) in an age of accelerating technology?

    • Possible focuses:  Nontraditional Classroom Experiences & Models; Breakthrough Experiential Learning; Latest Brain Science & Learning Technologies; Innovative Funding Formulas; Offline & Online Learning–New Technologies, Analytics, & Robotics; When and When Not to use Assessments; Great Transformations–Shrinking Demographics in Local Schools; Life-Long Learning.

During the event, participants will form in small groups, based on their interests and abilities, then choose one of the two Bold Challenges.  Why small groups?  With little to lose, entrepreneurial small teams are able to brainstorm and consistently outperform large groups when it comes to innovation.  Incentive prizes are perfectly designed to harness this energy!

Featured Facilitator, Dr. Jeffrey Stamp

The brainstorming sessions will be hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Stamp, a professional creative and concept designer who was the inventor of the Frito-Lay Baked! Lays® Potato Crisps. Dr. Stamp is a native of Sheldon, Iowa and leads creative innovation sessions worldwide for corporations, universities, and start-ups. Not only will participants get to learn skills and techniques for creating ideas…they will also gain the entrepreneurial mindset to use daily.

INVESTMENT FOR THE WEEKEND?  Free to students, faculty, alumni, and community members thanks to sponsors


BEST AgTech iPRIZE: $1,000 to individual/team

BEST EdTech iPRIZE: $1,000 to individual/team



4:00PM: Open Registration & Social Networking

5:30PM: Kick-off with Dr. Jeffrey Stamp

5:45-8:00PM: Creative Session

8:15-8:45PM: Team Formation

8:45PM: Team Kick-off

Dinner & snacks included


8:00-9:00AM: Power Breakfast

9:00 -10:15AM:  Check-In Review

10:30-11:30AM: How to Pitch Like a Pro

11:30-12:00PM:  Pitch Hot Seat

12:00PM: Lunch

12:00-2:30: Pitch Refinement & Active Work

3:00-5:00: Final Presentations

5:00PM: Judges & Awards

    It is not required to form a team before the event. Participants entering without a team will have the chance to form teams during Friday evening.
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