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Retailer Intensive Seminar

Date & Time Tuesday, January 31 9:00am
Location American Legion Community Room
Contact Andrea Groneu, worldygoods@isunet.net or call 515-233-4568

The Retailer Intensive Seminar is hosted by Worldy Goods.  The full day seminar will take place Tuesday, January 31st from 9:00AM-4:00PM, American Legion Community Room (225 Main Street, Ames, IA).  Attendees will learn inventory controls & point of sale systems, customer service & marketing, human resources & employee development, and business planning.  The cost varies between $45-$55, and students get a discounted rate.  Contact Andrea at worldlygoods@isunet.net or call 515-233-4568 to learn more!

Retailer Intensive Seminar Brochure

Kevin Natapow is a retail consultant specializing
in inventory management, business development,
Point of Sale systems, HR, customer service
and marketing. His company, Creative Retail
Solutions, serves to lend retail/inventory
expertise to retail shops around the nation.
Before starting Creative Retail Solutions, Kevin
co-founded Momentum, a store in Boulder, CO.
He helped grow Momentum in to a successful
Fair Trade business and now lends his expertise
to retail shops around the nation.