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Solution Selling for SaaS: The Art of a Live Demo

Date & Time Thursday, September 7 10:30am-3:00pm
Location ISU Research Park Core Facility Training Room // 1805 Collaboration Pl, Ames, IA 50010
Contact Hannah Kirkendall, hkirdend@iastate.edu

Join us Thursday, September 7, to hear from Clair Williams-Vavra of Creative Spark Studio on preparing for, executing, and following up on your sales demos!


For most SaaS B2B companies, the demo stage of the sales lifecycle can be a deal maker or deal killer. How each demo is prepared for, executed, and followed up on will dictate conversions to move to the next stage in your unique sales funnel. Watch your conversions skyrocket after taking this training!

This training will entail participatory learning with guided scenario practice, PowerPoint and classroom discussion, worksheets to further learning, and a handout for participants to take home and use in real-time on the job.

An overview of content includes, but is not limited to:

  • How to strategically prepare for each demo (questions to ask in discovery)
  • The importance of knowing your product, in and out
  • Mindset shift – how to align your demo with value or each customer
  • Strategic questions to ask during your demo to uncover pain and solutions
  • Take ownership of each demo with confidence and improve conversions
  • Objection handling – examples and role-play for real-time navigation
  • Leveraging “beacons” – strategic use of marketing documents for demo follow-ups
  • HubSpot – how to track all of this demo prep and execution work in your CRM


Attendees can expect to leave feeling confident in their ability to slay each demo with every prospect, every time. Having a process and structure around this process means it can be replicated. When you start to see conversions improve, you can scale more quickly.



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