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LANDING PAGE: You should start here. [ENTER]

Date & Time Wednesday, April 15 - Thursday, April 9 12:00pm
Location Student Innovation Center
Contact Megan Sweere, mjsweere@iastate.edu

STOP! Before you build a website… you should take this workshop. Landing pages are the most forgotten marketing tactic in the startup handbook. During this workshop, you’ll learn all about landing pages: the very first marketing effort you should make. You will learn why it’s important, how to create one, and what information to collect from your potential customers when they visit.

Our brand new Start Something Series is designed for entrepreneurs. Whether you are just exploring the idea of entrepreneurship (intro series) or want to learn more about marketing your small business, we have developed a series of short courses to help kick start your next venture. To see the rest of our workshop offerings, head over the to Start Something Series page.