Upcoming Events

Startup Ames with LegalShield

Date & Time Thursday, September 7 7:30am
Location Rippke Creative Commons, 429 Douglas Ave, Ames, Iowa
Contact Diana Wright, dkw@iastate.edu

We are excited to announce the next First Shot (a Startup Ames event) on Thursday, September 7th from 7:30AM-9AM with Joe Gunnels of LegalShield!

LegalShield is devoted to giving every person equal access to equal justice by disrupting one of the oldest industries in the world. Joe has been working within the Ames community to protect and empower members with affordable legal protection and identity theft services. For First Shot, he is excited to show startups how to start, grow, and empower their business with LegalShield.

We will kick-off at 8AM, but come earlier to hangout (drink coffee), network, and share stories.

Where: Rippke’s Creative Commons (coworking space)

When: 7:30AM-9AM (we won’t kick you out after 9)

Be sure to come and bring a friend and join the Startup Ames’ community!

RSVP at Meetup.com/startupames