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Startup Ames

Date & Time Thursday, April 21 3:00am
Location Ames Chamber of Commerce, 304 Main St.
Contact Diana Wright, dkw@iastate.edu

Startup Ames in an initiative led by local entrepreneurs to bring together the entrepreneurial community to help foster a robust community that gives entrepreneurs fertile ground to launch new businesses in Ames.

But let’s keep talking…

Why central Iowa?

Why now?

What do we want to see in our community to bring people together and create a vision for the future of an entrepreneurial ecosystem for Ames and central Iowa?

The idea for this Meetup will be for some leaders and entrepreneurs in the community to each share their story and talk about  why we are excited about living and starting business in Ames/central Iowa.

All of us have unique stories…let’s start talking.  

RSVP at Meetup.com:  https://www.meetup.com/startupames