At Iowa State University, entrepreneurship is a campus-wide theme. We believe that every student in any major can pursue entrepreneurship.

Maybe you’re already working on your own venture. Or maybe it’s that you keep a moleskine tucked away dedicated to ideas but don’t know where to start. Heck, you might not even know what entrepreneurship is or at the very least how to spell it!

We firmly believe that learning what entrepreneurship is and how it can work for you is valuable to any study or major you’re pursuing. With it, you can take the science and theory of your major, and learn how to turn your ideas into a practical entrepreneurial venture.

Start Your Adventure in Entrepreneurship.

Within Iowa State University, there are many ways to be involved and learn what entrepreneurship is all about.


  • Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies and “Make it Your Own” with your major
  • Study advanced courses from the Graduate Program in Entrepreneurship
  • Find mentorship through the Entrepreneurial & Innovation Learning Community seminar class to learn from serial entrepreneurs and experts who share your interest



  • Hands-on experience from our Reiman Internship Program that places students inside start-up companies to solve real world problems
  • Meet the entrepreneurs making it happen and network with like-minded peers within the entrepreneurial clubs and organizations at Iowa State
  • Participate in various events and programs the Pappajohn Center offers
  • Practice your pitch in 90 seconds see if your business or idea has what it takes to win money, prizes or scholarships