Entrepreneurship Major

Ivy College of Business Offers Entrepreneurship Major

A degree in entrepreneurship is an asset for any creative thinker, providing each graduate with an important foundation no matter how many exciting twists or turns they take in their career path. Taught by high-quality faculty members who are dedicated teachers and researchers, the Iowa State University curriculum blends cutting-edge theories and concepts with the essential real-world skills needed for a successful entrepreneurial career. With our focus on problem-solving and hands-on learning, Iowa State is a natural fit to be a leader in entrepreneurship education.

The Ivy College of Business at Iowa State is the first public university in Iowa to offer an undergraduate major in entrepreneurship, and only the eighth in the country to offer a PhD specialization in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are experts at solving problems and seizing opportunities. They may start their own business, grow a small or family business, or be innovative within a larger business. Entrepreneurs learn from their successes, and their failures, in order to improve the world around them.

The ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship enhances the classroom experience by providing opportunities to collaborate with other entrepreneurial-minded students across campus, and has built a ladder of programs for the entrepreneurial-minded student. Students have the opportunity to pitch their ideas, receive feedback, and network with successful entrepreneurs. They may also participate in CYstarters, the first student accelerator at Iowa State.

Whether students want to start their own business or not, a degree in entrepreneurship helps them gain experience, develop entrepreneurial skills, build a personal network, and resume — all before graduation.