ISU Startup Factory

The ISU Startup Factory is a startup incubator helping researchers and inventors develop a roadmap to realize the societal and economic impact of their high-tech innovations. Our goal is to help innovators and founders move from “tech-speak” to “business-speak.”

Who is the ISU Startup Factory recruiting?

Primary Criteria:

  • Technology or innovation with commercial potential and a founder(s) willing to see it through
  • Founders are currently based in Iowa

Ideal participants have:

  • Already been awarded funding for their research  
  • Completed a local ISU I-Corps program, or National NSF I-Corps program   
  • A baseline understanding of customer discovery and have completed 20+ customer conversations.  
  • A willingness to put in the effort to work outside of your comfort zone 
  • A strong desire to be a part of an entrepreneurial community that seeks to change the world
  • Special consideration offered to ISU faculty members, graduate students, or staff


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Startup Factory Leadership:

Peter Hong, Director of ISU Startup Factory
Expertise: Biotech, Funding Strategies (including state and federal grants), Project Management

Hannah Kirkendall, Program Manager, ISU Startup Factory / Iowa G2M Accelerator
Expertise: Project Management, Program Planning and Execution

Donna Raemaker-Zahn, Entrepreneur-in-Residence
Expertise: Global Ag & Biosafety, Food Policy, Strategy, Investing

Tim Neugent, Entrepreneur-in-Residence
Expertise: Investment, Strategic Planning, Marketing