Join the ISU Startup Factory

The Startup Factory accepts applications twice per year for a program cycle each academic semester. Candidates with I-Corps graduations planned before the program start will be given additional consideration. See I-Corps program schedule here.


Program Start: January 10, 2023 

Applications Open: August 10, 2022  

Applications Close: November 25, 2022  

Decisions announced on a rolling basis.  


Step 1: Submit an application 

Step 2: Select applicants are invited to an interview on a rolling basis 

Step 3: Selections for participants are made on the basis of founder/PI preparedness and their strong desire to pursue commercialization.  Evidence of commercial demand or market need and IP status will be reviewed.   




For innovations and technology led by ISU faculty and graduate/post-doc PIs: Faculty and PIs will agree to attend a session facilitated by a startup attorney to discuss founders’ agreements, and ownership planning. The expectation is that steps will be taken by the founders to outline these plans, in writing.  It is preferred that this consultation and the resulting decision are completed prior to the start of the program.