Startup Factory – Become a Mentor

Mentors are a critical component of the startup founder’s support network. The Startup Factory leverages the expertise and generosity of our dedicated mentors to provide a range of assistance to the founders in the program.  

Here’s what mentoring with the ISU Startup Factory could look like: 

[Highest commitment] Core Team Mentor: Match as a mentor with one of our founders, and collaborate with 3-4 other mentors to support your entrepreneur and their business. Matching is a double-opt-in process (1-2 hours/week, minimum 8 weeks) 

[Moderate commitment] On-Call Advisor: Support an entrepreneur as-needed, based on your particular skills or expertise. Let us know you’re open to being contacted, and we may reach out if the needs of our cohort require it (1-2 hours/month, year-round) 

[Minimal commitment] Subject Matter Expert: Provide expertise through office hours or facilitating a workshop or class in your area of expertise (1-2 hours/quarter, year-round) 

[Lowest commitment] Community Supporter: Join us at events throughout the year by networking with our founders, other mentors, and showing your support for the program by joining us at our Demo Day event (1-2 events/quarter)


Apply to be a Startup Factory Mentor


Apply to be a Startup Factory Mentor


ISU Startup Factory Mentor Guidelines