Women Who Create™

Women Who Create™ Conference

Save the date for the upcoming conference: October 24, 2019

* The 2019 spring date has been changed to fall during Women Entrepreneurship Week.

As women entrepreneurs creating in Iowa, it’s vital to gather and celebrate women entrepreneurs proving we can start something, take the lead, and be successful. The Women Who CreateConference brings together women entrepreneurs, women business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and individuals of all genders who support women entrepreneurs for a full day of workshops and speakers aimed at growing their business.

Iowa is a hotbed for entrepreneurs.  It’s important for women to grow their business in Iowa, as they have many ways to solve problems and improve our quality of life.  It’s our desire at the ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship to build the blueprint for supporting women entrepreneurs in Iowa and beyond. We want to be the catalyst for women who aspire to start, grow, scale, or sell businesses.

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