Startup Factory Cohort II

Clayton Farms

Nebullam helps both home and commercial growers operate efficiently and sustainably, by providing custom High Pressure Aeroponic technology, paired with data-driven, automating software.



ETALYC aims to improve quality of life in smart communities by using deep learning and big data analytics. The applications can vary from smart transportation systems to designing user friendly community spaces.


Infinium He

InfiniumHe will provide innovative solutions for the reclamation and recycling of helium.  The helium recycling apparatus will reclaim the helium gas from a Gas Chromatograph (GC) split valve/port and recycle it back to the GC instrument.  This apparatus will help decrease the usage of helium in the laboratory and provide long term cost savings.



NanoSpy, Inc. is a group of dynamic and driven science and technology professionals who thrive on conceptualizing, demonstrating and translating advanced materials for rapid, point-of-service biosensor development including those associated with soil quality, food safety, and animal/human health. NanoSpy, Inc. uses carbon nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing to develop these low-cost nanostructured sensors.



AgVentive is an agricultural equipment startup company whose mission is to innovate solutions that increase grower profitability. AgVentive offers new and improved equipment solutions to fill the unmet needs of farmers, allowing them to achieve greater success.


Aequal Technologies

Aequal Technologies develops new nanotechnology-enabled technologies for the control of surfaces in a multitude of materials. Applications range from optics to engines to integrated electronics to MEMS. Aequal Technologies’ goal is to provide an integrated, scalable, cost-competitive, and technology-enabling set of tools to achieve complete control over the roughness of matter, down to the atom.