Startup Factory Cohort III

N-Sense, LLC

N-sense, LLC is developing a field mobile soil nitrate sensor system that can be used to measure soil nitrogen status and facilitate precision nitrogen fertilizer application thereby reducing nitrate loss to surface and ground water and fertilizer costs for farmers.


Tractor Zoom

Tractor Zoom is an online and mobile app marketplace specifically for agricultural machinery auctions.


Aloha Boomboxes

Aloha Boomboxes shifts the paradigm in semantics and functionality with its revolutionary sound emission and operating system. It bridges the gap between the future and present with an autonomous music listening experience. Aloha Boomboxes strives for simplicity while envisioning an experience that creates opportunity for all users to make a convenient music selection.


The Oh Ball

Conforming to the natural arch of the foot, The Oh Ball provides relief from foot pain and gives people their freedom.


Hurd Health Group

Hurd Health Group is a biomedical engineering research company currently developing a cardio assist device with a solid-state electromagnetic drive system.


Next Gen Care




IdeoPak helps create safe and sustainable packaging through real-time monitoring technology.


Optical Operations

Optical Operations is focused on delivering accurate, real- time information from industrial sites through an augmented reality interface, allowing worksite supervisors to view virtual recreations of the job-site form.