Startup Factory Cohort IX

Cyber Manufacturing and Metrology Solution, LLC

CM2S is a start-up consulting firm at Iowa with a commitment to excellence in the field of additive manufacturing, cyber-metrology and nondestructive testing and inspection. CM2S performs testing and inspection on a wide variety of fabricated structures as well as industrial and commercial products.



Iowa leads the nation in the production of corn, soybeans, pork, eggs, and ethanol. iO1 is developing a brand for products that primarily uses those commodities as their main ingredients.



Sushi3D helps product development teams create functional, testable prototypes in-house to increase speed to market. Their subtractive 3D printing technology allows for fully solid rapid prototyping in final production materials.


Novus Technologies

A biotechnology company which manufactures and distributes graphene for biomedical applications.


Peach Pay, Inc.

Peach Pay is a mobile app creating seamless checkout experiences for online shoppers.


Salin 247, Inc.

Salin 247 is an Iowa-based company developing small-scale, light-weight, electric-powered, autonomous farm equipment used for growing crops.


SoilSerdem produces soil fertility maps based on an optimized soil sampling method.


Transport Sect

Transport Sect is a developing a platform to detect malicious attacks on today’s connected and smart vehicles and alert vehicle owners to potential cyber security concerns.



VisiHut specializes in connecting building plans for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals with immersive, collaborative, and interactive experiences in augmented and virtual reality.


Honorary Cohort Member:

Pediatric Assistance

Pediatric Assistance is developing a point-of-care diagnostic device for infants that detects three major diseases — sepsis, jaundice, and hypoglycemia — in a single biochip.