Startup Factory Cohort V

One Hop Shop



Wild Arc Technology

WildArc Technology is an innovative products startup business with the goal of improving people’s lives by making everyday tasks a little easier.


Nova Home Control Technologies

Nova’s smart lighting and electrical systems will provide an unprecedented user experience for home owners that is extremely affordable and simple to install, making it possible to bring home automation to the masses.​


Big Data in a Box

Big Data In a Box develops state of the art information technology solutions for organic farmers. Big Data In a Box supplies small, low power, self-contained, high availability systems that will enable organic farmers collect, retain, and use farm data for certification, compliance, operations planning, and improve market potential.



EnGeniousAg LLC designs, manufactures and deploys low-cost, instant readout, high-performance, field-based nutrient sensors for crops, soils and water, thereby improving agronomic management practices, increasing grower profitability and sustaining the environment.


Qi Learning