Startup Factory Cohort VI

3D Health Solutions

3D Health Solutions is a 3-dimensional intestinal organoid assays for drug testing to improve predication of pre-clinical bioavailability tests.



homepainter is a home improvement marketplace where homeowners can easily and quickly explore painters, get quotes, and hire out their projects.



IdRamp transforms digital identity with blockchain based self sovereign identity management services. It gives people, organizations, and things the freedom to collect, carry and manage their own lifelong verifiable digital credentials.


Gym-n-Eat Crickets

Gym-n-Eat Crickets’ mission is to deliver a high-quality, highly sustainable source of protein from start-to-finish. By raising every cricket that goes in their products, they ensure that proper consideration is taken with the most ethical and efficient practices to maximize nutritional benefit while minimizing negative environmental impact.


Sublime Stericeuticals Corporation

Sublime Stericeuticals Corporation uses a novel, highly efficient process in the manufacture and packaging of freeze-dried drug products.


Kimle Aquaculture

Kimle Aquaculture produces algae-based recirculating aquaculture systems.