Startup Factory Cohort VII


Innoceleris is a biotechnology company specializing in the development and production of ready-to-use reagents for the diagnosis, monitoring and/or surveillance of infectious diseases in animal and humans by different techniques including traditional cell culture-base techniques, immunoassay-based techniques and molecular biology-based techniques.



Reecycling offers unique and profitable acid-free selective recovery from magnet-containing waste of rare earth elements (REEs) and cobalt, critical supplies for modern high-tech technologies.


Kundrat Industries

Kundrat Industries is currently developing NightShift, an innovative polymer additive manufacturing system designed for military and non-governmental aid organizations operating in remote austere environments.



CynoHub is building an Open Education Hub which empowers educators to share their knowledge and interact with students.



Hepheastuz provides faster, more cost effective and robust methods for 3D printing of metals and construction materials.


Minnehan Metal Works

Minnehan Metal Works is a small fabrication and truck modification business.


Paper Batteries



NeoVaxSyn is developing immunogens and optimizing vaccine technologies that can enable the body’s immune system to better target critical epitopes on viral surface antigens.


Anahita Water Group