Startup Factory Cohort VIII

AeroSeeder, LLC

AeroSeeder is a manufacturer for heavy lifting farming applications, concentrating on seeding of cover crops and spot spraying.



Brainsoft specializes in developing technologies for interacting with the human brain including software using brain waves to control physical objects.


FarmHand App

The FarmHand App giving farmers the ability to connect with “Farmhands” for day-to-day or seasonal employment.



FoMA is an online marketplace for peer-to-peer trading of perishable products like fruits and vegetables directly from consumers’ refrigerators.


Legov Systems Group

Legov Systems Group is developing scalable energy harvesting systems to convert thermal energy into electrical.


Quantum Control Works

Quantum Control Works commercializes the fruits of prior research and development into uniquely capable actuators.


Swarm Robotix

Swarm Robotix develops multi-robotic systems.



TdVib designs and manufactures technology-driven, high-value systems based on electromagnetics including magnetostrictive smart materials Terfenol-D and Galfenol.



WashWright is developing a hands-free system to automate swine producers’ power washing and sanitation process.