Startup Factory Cohort X

Frugi Biotechnology

Frugi Biotechnology provides an efficient, frugal cell-free protein synthesis platform for drug discovery companies with fast turnaround times and higher titers.


MacroLei Technologies

MacroLei makes a soybean-based rubber for asphalt which provides a longer-lasting, smoother ride from renewable materials costing less than the petroleum alternatives saving contractors and terminals money while reducing their carbon footprint.


Lineage Mapper

Lineage Mapper is a mapping and application design company that helps people build engaging and meaningful family legacies by leveraging the geographic information already present in their family history data.



For companies that create enzyme-based products, Zymosense can help you get to the market faster and reduce the cost of getting there by 25 – 50 percent.


Mosquitos & Me

Mosquitoes & Me is bringing mosquito science to life with stunning graphics and immersive interactive digital experiences. Whether it’s a backyard or a business, people around the world have the information they need to take the bite out of mosquito-borne disease.


Rosenberg Solutions

For wind farm operators who want to increase the return on their investment, Rosenberg Solutions can find and eliminate adverse wake effects using their innovative aerodynamic simulation software, allowing customers to increase lifetime energy production by as much as 5%.


Stratified Surface Solutions

Stratified Surface Solutions produces particles that make architectural paint easier to apply without surface prep and more efficient with 30% less drying time.



easywrap is a kitchen tool that transforms any salad into beautiful lettuce wraps to help those interested in convenience, gourmet, and healthy-eating experience a new way for making, storing, and bringing a fresh meal anywhere.