Startup Factory Cohort XI

Bottlesode Films Inc.

As a streaming service for children, Bottlesodes TV is the answer to overstimulating and unsafe content on other outlets.



eLegalls provides law firms with an AI-driven court case prediction product alongside a cloud-based case management platform.



An automated Android app analysis tool that discovers forensic artifacts generated in the usage of Android apps, and evidence of potential security threats and privacy data leakage in Android apps.


Farmers and Robots

Farmers and Robots is a Robots As A Service company to support small farms and specialty crops with robot labor and mechanical harvesters.



An app that listens and learns from the sounds a stroke victim makes and translates those sounds into intelligible and usable words that can be understood by family and care providers.



Kanga is a booking app and website for pretty much every industry that accepts appointments and reservations.


Pachyderm Industries

A remote-use chain saw with a stability-controlled cutting apparatus and bi-modal operation, allowing the operator to cut wood from a safe distance.


Project EVWC

Cost-effective, high speed, and wireless charging centers for electric vehicles.


PROSPER – Predictors of Swine Performance

PROSPER leverages big data from commercial swine companies, providing owners data-driven insights for precision swine health and production management.


Hexcrete Technology

Hexcrete Technology will double the hub height of today’s wind turbines and reduce the cost of wind power.