Startup Factory Cohort XIII

Crop Convergence

Crop Convergence helps growers increase their yield and profit by as much as 15% by identifying the best combination of genetics, environment, and management using our unique digital-twin decision tools.


Ahmen Site Compliance

Ahmen Site Compliance eases the regulatory compliance burden for Iowa’s land development community.



Industry40ez’s Manufacturing Execution System provides proactive advice for small-to-mid-size manufacturers by measuring and analyzing inefficiencies, finding opportunities for improvement and increased profitability.


Ironside Systems

Ironside Systems offers peace of mind to law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, 911 operators, and other government agencies by monitoring high-end radios and networks, ensuring seamless communication and reliable response during critical situations.



Nervoviden uses brain-computer-interface technology to diagnose color vision deficiency with high accuracy, allowing the prescription of more accurate color-corrective lenses.



PinCliq is a platform designed for university students seeking to discover events, hot spots, and interesting happenings on campus with a real-time map of user-generated “pins” accompanied by photos, which enables users to easily locate and participate in nearby activities.

Silver Spaces LLC

For home health companies who provide home safety assessments, the Silver Spaces assessment tool identifies risks and provides mitigation strategies for creating a safe and secure home, reducing the likelihood of injury, adding value to home health care services.


Species Tracks

For the seafood industry who seek to increase supply chain traceability and reduce risk of fraud, Species Tracks partners with mid-chain vendors to deliver DNA-based species identification for responsible seafood sourcing.