Startup Factory Cohort XIV

Humdinger Motion Rehab

Humdinger Motion Rehab empowers people who have severe arm impairment after a stroke through a clever wheelchair accessory that fits accessible rehab into everyday activity.


Torrgreen and Torrpower

Torrgreen and Torrpower transforms dry biowaste into valuable renewable energy.


Rise Energy, LLC.

Rise Energy empowers people to become exceptional stewards of their resources by transforming biomass into carbon-negative solutions.


Narrate AR

1 in 6 students struggle with a leaning difference. NarrateAR builds personalized AI-learning companions for special education.



Upcycling+ manufactures cost-competitive, low-carbon diesel to help heavy-transportation fleet to reach their decarbonization goal.


What’s Sustainable?

What’s Sustainable? helps eco-friendly brands be visible and thrive.


Gentle Giants

Gentle Giants develops cost effective enzymes that help budding scientists stay motivated to better Africa.


DiaMol Innovations

DiaMol Innovations enables access to enzyme toolkits to accelerate life science research and development



ColorSense’s color-changing nanofibers detect pesticides on-site immediately.



Bovi-Jet makes a device that automatically applies medicine to the backs of cows when they pass underneath, saving farmers time and labor when maintaining a healthy herd.